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Protection Film
February 18, 2020

Window Film


Superior Window Film Manufacturer

Liaoning YNN Technology Co., Limited is a leading window film manufacturer in China. We are renowned for manufacturing industrial plastic packaging bags and films. Whether it is for glare reduction and heat, fading, privacy, or decorative purposes, have peace of mind knowing the film you are getting for your commercial purposes is the best product in the market.

Window films consist of a thin and robust sheet of polyester laminate, which is treated in various ways for improving the look of existing windows when applied. Typically, a window film is applied to the inner surface of existing windows like a retrofit. Window film is utilized as a “retrofit” application for existing glass on autos, homes, and business structures to update solar-powered control, security, and appearance.

Sun based radiation is partitioned into three segments: visible light we can see, infrared we feel as warmth and bright beams, which are not clearly visible. As solar radiation strikes a bit of glass, window film¬†goes about as a “sunscreen” to block unsafe UV beams and direct the degrees of warmth and light going through the glass. The measure of heat and light rejected is reliant upon the sort of window film chosen.

Window Film Manufacturer in China

Window film can be used in an array of ways for controlling the negative impacts of the sun like UV damage, fading, heat, and glare. By controlling heat, window film can diminish HVAC costs and enhance comfort in your home, car, and office. When the film is dry and cured, it is then safe for the film to be cleaned.

YNN Packaging is proud to have one of the biggest and integrated performance-coated and window film manufacturing sites in the world. We have an abiding commitment and operational excellence, along with developing products that respond to market demand efficiently. We work directly with the manufacturers, designers, and regular clients to manufacture products that improve the performance and efficiency of the glass.

Our products include but are not limited to the protective film, shrink film, packing bag, and electronics packaging. If you are looking for an experienced and quality window film manufacturer for your business needs, we are the right choice for you.

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