Glass Protective Film
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August 19, 2019

Glass Protective Film

We Are the Best Glass Protective Film Supplier in China

Liaoning YNN Technology Co., Limited is a focused glass protective film supplier with an aim to supply protective film for resellers and industrial usage. The experienced YNN Packaging team can provide solutions for all your applications and needs of the protective film. No matter if quick and reliably delivered protective film or specifically designed products according to client’s requests, we can provide what you need. As a prominent surface protective film supplier, we have one of the most capable sales team available for you. We are fast, reliable, and keep our promises.

Being a quality protective film manufacturer, we specialize in the design, manufacture, sales, and servicing of protective film, shrink film, composite flexible packaging materials. We promote a series of products, which is based on safety and environment-friendly. Our products include but are not limited to: shrink film, protective film, food packaging, packing bag, cosmetic packaging, and electronics packaging.

The company boasts a comprehensive understanding of applications. We can also provide products as per certified standards like halogen-free, RoHS certified, dust-free, flame-retardant types, thermoformable, temperature-resistant, and many more – depending upon clients’ demand. Naturally, glass is extremely fragile. Even heavy-duty protective glass can mar, scratch, etch, swirl, or haze with exposure and handling. This makes operating with glass a tough challenge. Every step of a glass protection film’s life cycle depicts a new danger to the glass.

Glass protection film manufacturer provides a simple, cost-effective solution to different challenges involved in glasswork. Our protective films are simple to apply, and can give protection from only a few minutes to more than 12 months; depending on the needs of your specific application. They can be quickly erased without leaving any kind of adhesive residue. Coated optics, shower doors, interior-exterior windows, and other glass surfaces – each demand their particular type of protection.

YNN Packaging produces numerous specialized solutions for the protection of glass-led surfaces, which often need highly translucent or transparent films. Traditional protection mediums like powder, offer diminished surface protection compared to our specifically engineered films. We ensure full and complete surface safeguarding as a prominent glass protective film supplier, in all areas of glass protection.

Leading Surface Protective Film Supplier in China

As a premium Surface protective film supplier, we can offer all solutions from coated and none-coated films. Our acrylic adhesive films provide all-weather resistance, whereas our UV stabilized film can be left on the surface for a minimum of 12 months for protecting the insulated glass unit alongside the window during the extended building phase.

Being a high-quality surface protective film supplier, we offer a high level of transparency that allows an immediate visual inspection of the surface. Our product range provides equal protection for both traditional window glass along with low emission coatings. YNN Packaging’s surface protective films are compatible with every type of material that is used adjacent to the glass window itself. Materials used, for example, fiberboards, plastics, and painted fasciae, can also be protected. Our Glass window film provides an end-to-end solution to deter dirty and marred windows. We preserve film protects everybody’s interests, whether it be the window manufacturer, construction contractor, or supplier. Most importantly, it protects your relationship with the homeowner, as they get perfect, clean windows every time.

Our goal is to washout your surface protection problems. If you are in need of a trustworthy glass protective film supplier, we are the best choice for you.


Window protective film
Stable adhering capacity
Special easy-peel
Leaving no residue glue or trace on the glass surface
Can be customized and printed according to customer requirements
Protect the surfaces not to be polluted, corrode and scratch during the process of transport, store and installation.

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