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August 19, 2019
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August 19, 2019

Carpet Protector


Best Carpet Protector Manufacturer in China

Liaoning YNN Technology Co., Limited is a focused carpet protector manufacturer to supply protectors for resellers and industrial usage. The experienced YNN Packaging team provide you with solutions for all your needs of the floor protection. No matter if quick and reliably delivered protector or specifically designed products according to client’s requests, we provide what we goes asked. As a prominent surface protector manufacturer, we have one of the most capable sales team available for you.

We are a custom manufacturer of carpet protectors including chair mats and rolls. We use acrylic, PVC, and vinyl material. Features of our carpet protectors include anti-static, flexible, bright, ribbed, smooth, textured, and patterned mats. However, our protectors are available in various sizes. The capabilities of our product include extrusion, fabrication, and injection molding.

We have various kinds of protectors for different fabric and applications types. Our premium protectors from protection film manufacturer goes applied to about any fabric, including delicate fabrics, for example, silk. We can protect new or cleaned carpets, furniture, rugs, pretty much any material that you desire to protect from staining and extend the life span.

Benefits of Carpet Protector

There are various benefits you can get from carpet protectors. Moreover, the protectors help your office’s traffic area from cuts and soil. Through the application of our protector, you can increase the life of your carpet drastically and help prevent nasty traffic areas. When you vacuum your carpet, the soils will eject from the carpet pile very effectively. A carpet protector improves vacuuming. Vacuuming is more productive with the application of protectors. Dirt goes easily picked-up, and fewer passes are needed with the vacuum. Also, the result of having a rug protector applied to your carpet is that your carpet will look better.

Efficient Way to Prevent Time Consuming Cleaning

Carpet Protection is an efficient way to prevent time-consuming cleaning and repairs. Products such as non-adhesive reusable floor protection and plastic cover for carpet are perfect for different situations. Whether you need carpet cover for a construction project, parties, open house, remodeling, or other use, we have got you covered. You can choose from a range of sizes of self-adhesive carpet protection film and reusable carpet protectors. You can find the one that fits your carpet protection needs. Plastic cover for carpet comes in many different sizes, including hard to find large rolls. Get some of our floor protectors if you have various projects to save money.

So if you need a high-class Carpet protector manufacturer, Liaoning YNN Technology Co., Limited is the right choice for you.

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