1.The benefits of window film

A moderate amount of sunshine is good for people, too much sunlight can hurt people and property. It can cause people's skin injury, allergy. Accelerate the aging and fading of articles and furniture.
If take window film , it will protect people from uv damage.
Dust is harder to get on the window film than on glass window, as the film is less porous than glass. The use of window film can reduce the frequency of cleaning glass curtain wall and save the cost.

2. International cooperation in 2017

At the trade conference in 2017, the customer of Pakistan asked for the protective film and heat shrink film products of our company, and asked for the product specifications and types in detail, and ask for the sample.

3. We attent Russia exhibition in 2019

Our company participated in the exhibition in Russia in April, and mainly promoted the heat-shrinkable film stereoscopic bags and aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags, which can be used as pallet packaging, packaging machinery equipment and heavy products.Protect the safety of products in transportation.