Surface Protection Choices for Protecting Tile, VCT, Wood, and Stone Flooring

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August 4, 2021
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It’s exciting to put in new flooring in a newly built or remodeled home. Your project will be nearly finished once the flooring is installed. The flooring appears to be perfect, clean, and professional, and you want your builder or contractor to keep it that way. Surface protection materials offered by the surface protective film supplier assist builders and homeowners in preventing damage to newly installed floors such as scratches and paint spills.

So, what surface protection options are available for each type of installed floor?

When selecting a floor protection product, keep the following points in mind:

  • How long will the floor protection be required to be in place?
  • Is the flooring glued to the subfloor?
  • Will the protected floor only see foot traffic or will the machinery be used?
  • Is it necessary for the protection to be waterproof or spill proof?

The adhesive film offered by the protective film supplier is the thinnest and least expensive floor protection product on the market. High-quality films are typically 0.003mil thick and colored green or blue. They come in a variety of sizes that are convenient for you. These films are recommended for preventing scratches on sealed tile and stone for up to 45 days.

They are successful at keeping the grout on tile floors clean. Before utilizing adhesive to Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floors, check to see if any cleaners or polishers were used on the VCT so that the adhesive does not react with any polishes. Adhesive films should not be used on wood floors.

Some compressed paper products provide low-cost protection for wood, tile, stone, and VCT floors. They have a thickness of 0.04 mils and are resistant to wheels, carts, and foot traffic, and are not reusable. However, they are made of recycled paper and can be recycled, making it a green building product.

There are also textile-based floor protection products available, such as Clean & Safe, Surface Pro, and Top Guard. Clean & Safe and Top Guard are both thick enough to be used on high-traffic job sites.

They are suitable for use on existing wood floors, tile, VCT, and stone floors. In order to keep a newly installed, glue-down wood floor under warranty, it is compelled to use breathable floor protection such as Surface Pro®. Textile floor protection products can be reused on other projects and cleaned by shaking out any dirt or debris before rolling it up to store until the next time look.

Multi-Shield runner, a cloth product with a leakproof top and tacky bottom, can be used to protect wood stairs. It has enough tack to hold onto the stair without leaving a residue while gripping the wood stairs. It can be reused if the tacky bottom is kept dust-free. The Multi-Shield runner is also suitable for use on wood, VCT, tile, and stone floors.

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