5 Important Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Carpet After Cleaning

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5 Important Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Carpet After Cleaning

Everyone strives and admires to have clean, beautiful, healthy, and stain-free carpets all the time. This may appear to be a costly and difficult goal to achieve; however, that is not necessarily so. Of course, a carpet manufacturer or a carpet protector manufacturer is aware that stuff will spill or fall or be dragged onto the carpet, and cause staining or soiling. Thus, new carpets are normally offered with a coating/protector that will resist staining and soiling.

In fact, quite a few carpets that have been produced over the past two decades already have a built-in stain protector on the fibers. However, in addition to that, they always and almost have a protective coating placed before being shipped to the retailers or distributors.

What Carpet Protectors Do?

This protective protector or coating will save stuff like soil or dirt or liquid spills from sticking to the carpet fibers. These protectors act similar to the wax coating that might be applied to a vehicle after washing. Fluid spills are normally easy to remove while solid particulates might be vacuumed up without too much effort.

However, over time, the protector will wear away from the carpet fibers, leaving them vulnerable to damage. Because protectors can be removed by harsh chemicals used in carpet cleaning, they should be reapplied at least once a year. Many people will fail to do this, either because they are unaware of the importance of carpet protectors or because they believe it will be too costly.

Unlike a glass protective film supplier, protectors from a reliable carpet protector supplier are not cheap but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Reasons To Use Carpet Protectors

Following are five reasons why you should use protectors for your carpet:

  • You will reduce the amount of potential permanent stains from the protector.
  • Traffic areas will last longer and look better. Vacuuming will also be more efficient.
  • It would be easier for you to remove stains and spots by yourself.
  • Your next professional cleaning will be better and easier.
  • You can avoid costly service calls for simple spills on your carpet.

Final Words

You can have a clean, beautiful, and stain-free carpet while maintaining a healthy environment in your office or home. So, you have to apply a protector after professional carpet cleaning once per year at least. Then, you will of course need to follow the basic recommendations for better carpet maintenance. Immediately clean up spills and vacuum regularly – at least thrice a week.

Not only your carpet will be beautiful, stain-free, and healthy, but it will also last for years longer and save you a lot of money.   

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